Just Full of Passion!

2007-11-08 00:09 0

Make the Plan at Night

2007-11-09 03:58 0

People always say "Make a plan in the morning", but what I want to say is that we should m


Keep my Promise for another ten days

2007-11-10 04:24 0

Time flies fast! Eleven days have been past since I have made the decision, that is unbelievable in


Happy Birthday to JiaWei

2007-11-11 04:40 0

Today, no, it's yesterday actually ,for it's already 4:23 now, is the birthday of my roommat


Man proposes, God disposes

2007-11-13 03:07 0

"Man proposes,God disposes", it is the same of chinese say"人算不如天算". Yeah, we are


My low spirit period has come..

2007-11-16 01:48 0

Goddamn test, I'am boring with you...

2007-11-27 01:02 0

I gotta plan for my winter vacation

2008-01-19 10:56 0

Finally come back home...

2008-01-22 00:52 0