Make the Plan at Night

2007-11-09 阅读数:1988

People always say "Make a plan in the morning", but what I want to say is that we should make a plan at night so that we can take the action at the moment we get up.We all know our brain would deal with the information that we touch in the day, if you make a plan for tomorrow, your subconscious would run it up, then when you get up, you have a clear direction, so that you can run for it.

Nowaday , I just make it a reality as I said above. Yeah, just do it, as I tell myself.

Set a goal, divide into many steps , just do it step by step, be patient, be positive.

Well, it's a little late now, but I still have a clear mind for I sleep for almost 2 hours this afternoon.Maybe I should stop now, just prepare for tomorrow's plan.

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