Keep my Promise for another ten days

2007-11-10 阅读数:1949

Time flies fast! Eleven days have been past since I have made the decision, that is unbelievable in my life so far. Well, I have to say ,these days are tough enough, sometimes I really want to give up, but I consider that I have never made the decision like this, if I don't put it into practice, I would lost my confident, I would never believe in myself, so I keep my word, I did it step by step , with patient , with a positive mind, with a thankful heart and the like.

    Now , a sentence was just recalled in my mind,"No sacrifice, No Victory!" Yeal, that is true, we have to lost something when we want to get something, like the play time, and some time that we could make full use of.TQ[Time Quotient] is a standard to value someone, I gotta have a high TQ, so that I can control my life to run in my way.

    Well, I didn't have my Afternoon Sleep this day,I feel really asleep now, Just keep my word for another ten days...!Come on!

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