Happy Birthday to JiaWei

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Today, no, it's yesterday actually ,for it's already 4:23 now, is the birthday of my roommate JiaWei. He is really a good classmate that I have ever seen, he helped me a lot, the other two helped me a lot actually , I really thank them all.

JiaWei, is from south of Guangdong, so I don't understand his native language, we three guys are all from Big GuangZhou, so we all ignored his voice when he was talking with his family every Saturday.He really have the filial piety for he does it every Saturday, still he is a good considerate guy .

I wish you would have a happy life for ever, not only happy in the birthday, but in all your life.God bless you!

Well, we have been out to have some food outside, seven guys, happy of course, at last we have a birthday cake, and we talk a lot, I didn't have a special celebration in my birthday about a month ago, for I think it is unnecessary, just a day that is a little different, we can all treat every as our birthday, we all should have a thankful heart , we should make the most of today for the people around us, especially for your family , in that case , we all would feel like in our birthday everyday.

OK, it's a little late now, I gotta sleep , I gotta take care of myself for the people who care me.3-4.5 hours's sleep at night ,1.5-3 hours at the day time, that is my rule.


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