Man proposes, God disposes

2007-11-13 阅读数:1797

"Man proposes,God disposes", it is the same of chinese say"人算不如天算". Yeah, we are always making plans , and hope it it would come true, but sometims things don't  run in your way, something would pop up and break your dream.Well, whatever, just let it be, just look ahead, as the saying "It's better to look ahead rather than to look back and regret".

Well...I was beat last night(is the same meaning of I am so tired),  I fell asleep at my desk , so I write my diary early tonight.In the coming four days , I gotta finish my MIS design, the teacher ask me to hand it up on Friday, that is a tough mission . Well, just take it easy , just be what U can be! Now I won't force myself to do something that I don't like , I would do it spontaneous though I don't like it really.

Now I'm beat ,I gotta sack out, for I only hit the slats for only 15 minutes.

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