AI & Big Data - The Human Element - 20190817

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Today, we had a class about the topic "AI - The Human Element", maybe there would some AI robots that have some human elements in the future, and that could be fun and excited. I'm having the second class to get promoted to level 10, if I can pass the third class, then I can be the Level 10. I still remember when i first join the TutorABC, i was only Leve 6 after having a evaluation class with a foreign teacher. How time flies, it's been about 500 days after I joined the TutorABC. As the saying said 'Pratise makes Perfect', English is just a language, just pratise it everyday, speak and listen as much as you can, you can learn it well one day!



influential - 有影响的; 有权势的;/有影响力的人物;

overwhelm -  使不知所措; 使难以承受; 征服; 击败;

workforce - 全体员工; (国家或行业等)劳动力; 劳动大军; 劳动人口;

customized -  客户指定的,定制的(产品);/订做,改制(以满足顾主的需要);

thereby - 由此,从而; 在那附近;

concentrate - 专心于; 注意; 集中; 聚集;

sentience ['senʃəns]- 感觉性; 感觉能力; 知觉;

algorithm  [ˈælɡəˌrɪðəm] - 运算法则; 演算法; 计算程序;

nonverbal - 不用言辞表达的;


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