The benefits of Eating Together - 20190815

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Today, we had a class about the Topic "The Benefits of Eating Together", there are many benefits of eating with your family, it would strenghen the bond with your family.



interfere - 干预,干涉; 调停,排解; 妨碍,打扰;

role model -  榜样; 模范;

picky - 吹毛求疵的,好挑剔的,过分讲究的;

He's a picky eater, so it's hard to please him.

indulge [ɪnˈdʌldʒ]-  迁就,纵容; 使满足; 使(自己)沉溺于; 使快乐;/纵容; 满足; 沉溺;

It's my birthday. I'm going to indulge myself and eat wharever I want to eat.

nutritional -  营养的; 滋养的; 营养品的;

occurrence - 发生,出现; 遭遇,事件;

sushi -  <日>寿司,生鱼片冷饭团;

bond - 纽带; 联系; 债券; 保释金;

calendar ˈ [ˈkæləndɚ]- 日历; 历法; 日程表; (一年之中的)重大事件(或重要日期)一览表;

pitch in  - 把…扔进; 做出贡献; 参与; 协力;

Everyone can pitch in when making a family meal.

light-hearted - 轻松的; 快活的; 省心的; 无忧无虑的;

Try keeping the conversation light-hearted and positive.

disciplinary - 纪律的; 训练的; 惩罚的;

table manners - 饭桌礼仪;

nutrient-rich - 营养丰富

self-esteem -自尊; 自大; 傲骨;

less depression - 减少抑郁

look up to - 尊重[敬仰](某人); 企慕; 瞧得起; 仰慕;


it's a common day,

it's a normal day, there is nothing special 

i'm busy with my work

what's your favorite meal ? 

-chicken with pototoes

-potato, rice, noodles

-sushi, fries, hamburger


She like to eat out

fry an egg


What are some family values or traditions you have taught your kids.

respect elderly people

do not waste 

do not lie



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