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Tonight, i just wanna have a relax, and watch the movie: all saints, here are some words and phrases that's new for me.

come what may - 不论发生什么事情; 不问好歹; 不管三七二十一; This is home, come what way.


Come what may, I'm going to fight the case out. 

Come what may, I will try it. 

Come what may, we'll always stand by your side. 

new flyers - 新的传单  The new flyers actually worked.

food stamps - 发给失业者或贫民的粮票( food stamp的名词复数 );

You have to quit your job order to apply for food stamps

moola -  <俚>钞票;

genocide - 种族灭绝; 灭种的罪行; 斩尽杀绝;

Let's just take the temperature down. Please. 我们请都冷静一下(这个都形象)

preacher - 传道者; 牧师;

sermons - 布道( sermon的名词复数 ); 讲道; 讲道文章; 一大通教训;

 a preacher famous for her inspiring sermons  以发人深省的讲道出名的传道者

sugarcoat -  裹以糖衣,使甜蜜;

you sure didn't sugarcoat things in there, did you? 你还真不会说好话,是吗?

 It's probably an odd thing to hear - I wasn't sure how to sugarcoat 可能听着挺怪的,我不晓得怎么说才能好听点.

occupational hazard - 职业病

 Catching colds is unfortunately an occupational hazard in this profession. 不幸的是,容易感冒是这个行业的职业性风险。

strip chickens - 脱光鸡毛,除鸡毛的意思

mighty - 趾高气扬; 巨大的; 强有力的; 浩瀚的;

That's mighty generous of you. 你真是很慷慨

peeing your diapers - 用着尿布时

All saints has been helping poor people since before you were peeing your diapers.

haul -   拖,拉;/运送; 传讯;/拖; 大批赃物; 一网的捕获量; 拖运货物的距离;/强迫(某人)去某处;

We just have to haul all this way.

 It was a long haul home and we arrived exhausted. 搬运回家的这段路程特别长,到家时我们已筋疲力尽.

Revitalising the Romanian economy will be a long haul.罗马尼亚经济的复兴将是一项长期而艰巨的工作。

reverend - 可尊敬的,教士的,对牧师或神父的尊称;  / 教士,牧师;

The service was led by the Reverend Jim Simons 这次礼拜仪式是由吉姆·西蒙斯牧师大人主持的。

We stepped on your toes a little bit. 我们有点让你不爽. (这个也挺有趣)

bulldoze -  强迫(某人做某事)(-sb +into doing sth); (用推土机)推倒; 铲平; (使)强行通过;

go and find other churchs to bulldoze

My parents tried to bulldoze me into going to college.

making a land into a farm - 把土地变成农场

mortgage 抵押; 抵押单据,抵押证明; 抵押权,债权;

pastor - 牧师 (还有什么词是牧师的意思??这已经是第三个了)omg查了下还有clergyman,blackcoat,minister这几个词也是,晕了

choir - 教堂的唱诗班; 唱诗队; 公开表演的合唱团; (教堂)唱经楼;

have a clue - 有线索 ,知道 


I didn't have a clue what she was thinking.

He doesn't have a clue how to write his thesis. 

At first, I didn't have a clue why they would turn to me.


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