TutorABC Vip Class Tonight - 20190625

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Today, I have a class about "Start Your Own Business", that's a good topic and I have a wonderful time in the class.

Here it's the content of my class below, I would always do some notes in my Evernote Application. Today I just post it on my blog for my future learning.



capital - 首都; 资本; 资源; 大写字母;

indication - 指示; 象征; 表明; 标示;

from scratch - 白手起家

infringement - 侵权; 违反; 违背;

venture -  冒险事业; 冒险; 冒险行动; 商业冒险;

premium - 额外费用; 保险费; 附加费;

at a premium - at a high price 高价

belt-tightening - a reduction in spending 强制性节约;

a bitter pill to swallow - something upleasant to accept(必须吞下去的)苦药丸,不能不做的苦事,不得不忍受的屈辱;

generate a lot of buzz - to cause many people to start talking and buying a product or service

dot your i's and cross your t's

cash in on - 靠…赚钱,乘机利用; 从中渔利;

There are a lot of sharks out there - 

patent infringement

dog-eat-dog world - 世界就是狼吞虎咽的世界, 谁坏谁就有便宜.

serbia - 塞尔维亚(南斯拉夫成员共和国名);

live off - 以…为食, 以…为生;

I hope that I would have enough capital in the bank to live off my interest in then years.



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You are so great, my dear boy..