my teacher finally got married today.

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well.. i've just been back.  it's a little late, but i feel very happy.

i just wanna say:  my teacher who gave me a chance to be stronger gotta married. i'm really very happy, and i really hope my teacher would have a happiness life in his future.

i still remember he gave me a chance to build a website with my serveral classmates when i was in grade four in university.althought it was hard at that time, we finally made it. it reminds me i became fat those days for we ate outside always, in a sense, we are not only a student-teacher relationship, but also we are friends.. he is not only a teacher, but also a good friend, a really good friend.

ok..i gotta take a shower now..

hope you have a good terrific beautiful happiness life.

your student..your friend ..eric


here it's my voice:

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