talk about the Mid-Autumn Festival.

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well..i've been back home for three days..actually two and a half..

seems i didn't write an english diary for a long time,  ya.. i am really busy these days..code on company at day, code at home at night. i did feel a little tired. but you know, we gotta work hard if you want something great.

ok, let's talk about the Mid-Autumn Festival, my gf come back home with me this time, it rained that day, so we can't go out for fun, we just stay at home with my parents, we really talked a lot that day,  and it's a normal second day in the three-day festival for i got something to do, but at the last day, today, we go to the downtown for a walk, i did have a little feel about my old high school life when i went by my high middle school.

seems we don't have much feeling when we grow up, though it's Mid-Autumn Day, i don't have a special feel. maybe you would agree with me.

ok.need to take a rest. done.


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